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Dexter: Village to drill well on school district land

Source: Mlive.com | News Special Writer
Posted on February 3rd, 2009
Location: United States, Michigan

The village will pay $40,000 to the school district for the easement on the high school property that will house a well, pump house and water main and increase the capacity of the village’s water supply.

Before the vote, Webster Township resident Shawn Letwin asked the school board to renegotiate the contract and add a provision requiring the village to add fluoride to its water supply. The request follows a complaint by a local dentist about the low level of fluoride in the municipal water supply.

“The village water supply is not absent of fluoride,” Village President Shawn Keough said before the meeting, citing low levels of naturally occurring fluoride.

Although board members said fluoride is an important issue, they said it should not be linked to the well agreement, which has been in negotiation for many months.

“It would be a breach of faith to go back and renegotiate this,” said board member Dick Lundy.

“This easement agreement is not about fluoride, it’s about maintaining and supplying water to village residents, businesses and the Dexter Schools,” Keough said.

The village water system serves about 3,055 people.