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Do Cornwall Ontario Kids drink water laced with lead asks Harry Valentine?

Source: The Cornwall Free Press | January 11th, 2013 | Letter to the Editor
Location: Canada, Ontario

A few weeks ago, 2-doctors appeared before Cornwall City Council urging that the city continue to fluoridate the municipal water. The fluoridation compound is hydrofluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) that is a by-product from fertilizer manufacturing plants. It includes a breakdown product known as orthosilicic acid that is known to leach lead from water pipes in older buildings, see: http://fluoride-class-action.com/questions-regarding-lead-in-seattle-water

Cornwall is an old city with many old buildings that were constructed back in the days when lead was used in water pipes in buildings. The above link tells of lead leaching from water pipes in schools in the Seattle area back around 2004. We have old school buildings in Cornwall that include CCVS, ELC and East Front Public. Perhaps the questions begs to be asked as to whether the water pipes in those school buildings still contain lead.

With declining school enrolments over the past several years, numerous schools have closed and the list includes old school buildings such as:

– Ecole Nativite

– Ecole St Felix de Valois

– Ecole St Albert

– Holy Cross School

– St Columbans School

– Memorial Park Public School

– St Francis de Salles

– Ecole Gonzaga

Cornwall started fluoridating the drinking around 1962 when the aluminum plants across the river began spewing fluoride emissions from their smokestacks. Excess fluoride in the environment destroyed the Mohawk cattle and diary industry, by infecting the cattle with arthritis and severe dental fluorisis. Excess fluoride also showed up in fruits and vegetables grown on Cornwall Island.

It is possible that an entire generation of school children living in Cornwall from 1962 ate home grown fruit and vegetables spiked with excess fluoride and they may have drank a regular dose of lead in the water from the school drinking fountains. Ingestion of lead is known to cause health problems in children, health problems they may carry into their adult years. Excess fluoride is known to cause obesity, diabetes, kidney problems plus numerous other health issues.

The doctor swho appeared before Cornwall City Council even acknowledged that Cornwall has a high rate of illness and even recommended continued fluoridation of the municipal water as a remedy. Perhaps the doctors may care to measure the lead content in the drinking water in some Cornwall city schools.

Except that the Supreme Court of Canada has upheld that a mentally capable adult may refuse medication, see: http://scc.lexum.org/decisia-scc-csc/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/2064/index.do
For easier reading, see first 3-paragraphs at http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/neuro/Starson_wins.html

A ruling from the Supreme Court does not allow doctors for forcibly medicate people.

As well, Health Canada has NEVER undertaken any toxicology tests on hydrofluorosilicic acid .  .  . . Neither has Health Canada ever approved it as a drug nor as a nutrient. The manufacuturers even print the skull-and-cross-bones on the packages that contain the compound, along with a warning that it has NOT been tested for human consumption. By law, doctors may only prescribe or administer approved drugs, approved medications and/or approved nutrients for medical reasons.

So the Head of the EOHU is soon to appear before Cornwall City Council to “deliver the facts” about hydrofluorosilicic acid. Will he uphold the ruling from the Supreme Court in regard to forcible medication? Will he prescribe that a compound that is neither an approved drug, nor an approved medication and not even an approved nutrient, be added to the municipal water to achieve a medical purpose?

A few members of Cornwall City Council have already indicated that they would be ready to vote to terminate water fluoridation in Cornwall. Will the other councillors be willing to remember as to who voted them into office? Will they be willing to respect a ruling from the Supreme Court or will they resort to paternalistic behaviour in regard to the forced medication of the citizens of Cornwall on the issue of adding a by-product from a fertilizer factory to the municipal drinking water?