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Doctors & dentists push for mandatory fluoridation in Queensland

Source: CQ News (Central Queensland) | July 18th, 2019
Location: Australia

DOCTORS are urging the Palaszczuk Government to stop stalling and act decisively on water fluoridation with new federal laws confirming state and territory governments are responsible for the public health measure.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) last week made legislative changes to clarify that national regulation was not required and that fluoride in drinking water was a proven, safe and effective method for state and territory governments to prevent tooth decay.

Australian Medical Association (AMA) Queensland President Dr Dilip Dhupelia said Queensland had the worst oral health in the country with nearly one third of the state missing out on fluoridated drinking water.

“The Premier, the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, the Queensland Chief Health Officer and Chief Dental Officer have all supported fluoridation,” Dr Dhupelia said.

“There is no further reason for the government to delay reintroducing laws mandating all local governments to fluoridate their drinking water supplies.

“The young and the elderly are suffering the most with the government’s own statistics revealing 43% of children aged 5-6 and 55% of those aged 5-14 experience dental decay, with the figure rising to 70% for indigenous children.

“In addition, dentists report increasing rates of decay amongst the elderly, particularly in residential aged care homes where many have lost the ability to manage their dental hygiene and are forced to have all their teeth removed.”

“The Palaszczuk Government needs to stop stalling on this issue and act decisively.”

*Original article titled Doctors raise concerns over fluoride online at https://www.cqnews.com.au/news/doctors-raise-concerns-over-fluoride/3782941/