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Don’t Drink The Water! Bottled Water… That Is.

Source: KFDA - NewsChannel 10 / Amarillo,Texas | August 14th, 2008

Bottled water may be contributing to tooth decay in your children. Tooth decay is thriving in Amarillo children, according to local dentists who say the are seeing more children with cavities and decay than ever before.

Some parents are unintentionally depriving their children of fluoride and may not even know it. Dentist Chris Brady, says bottled water is better than sugary sodas but children still need the Fluoride that a majority of bottled waters do not have. “They fail to realize bottled water does not have any fluoride. When they produce it it’s fluoride free,” Dr. Brady said.

Fluoride combats tooth decay in two ways: It is incorporated into the structure of developing teeth when it is ingested and also works when it comes in contact with the surface of the teeth.

Dentist say there is a cheap and easy way to fix this problem. Doctor Brady says, “The way to circumvent that is to fill up with city tap water. Or do bottled water. Check with companies see which will add the fluoride”.

Dentists say if you still choose to drink bottled water. When you go to the store look for water that is labeled fluoridated water. Some parents say it’s just safer to stick with tap water.

Mother Kimberly Gilbert says she has always drank Amarillo water and so will her daughter. “If we had to pick between waterS, we would have to choose tap water since our area has the best. We’re so lucky to have the fluoride we definitely need to take advantage of it”, she said.

She is happy to take advantage of all the benefits free tap water has. “It’s cheaper to drink tap water because your not invested in the bottled water and has the added benefit of water is healthier teeth and not as many cavities later on in life,” Gilbert said.

There is a disadvantage to having your child drink too much fluoride. They can develop a brown tint on the teeth which can only be removed by dentist. The discoloration is called enamel fluorosis, a discoloration or mottling of the permanent teeth. Most cases are due to inappropriate use of fluoride dental products. Sometimes kids take daily fluoride supplements but may be getting adequate fluoride from other sources, which also puts them at risk.