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Dr. Mark Diesendorf advises Redcliffe Council to reject fluoridation

Source: Redcliffe & Bayside Herald | July 23rd, 2003
Location: Australia

REDCLIFFE Council is marking time on a decision to fluoridate the Peninsula’s water supply despite being told it could cause harm to children and the elderly.

In a special address to the full council last Wednesday, university professor Dr Mark Diesendorf warned overexposure to fluoride could cause a weakening in bones, leaving sufferers prone to hip fractures.

He also said people could suffer problems with their teeth, including discolouration and pitting.

“There is evidence in any number of studies to show the ill effects of exposure to fluoridated water,” said Dr Diesendorf, of the Sustainability Centre at the Sydney University of Technology.

“People can have a very high uptake of fluoride in their bones and that is a real worry. Children who drink soft drink in fluoridated areas take up a lot and athletes or people who work outdoors and drink a lot of water also get higher fluoride doses.”

Dr Diesendorf said the issue was more scientific than ethical, saying flouridating city water was mass medication and Cr Ralph Ruiter agreed.

“Council will be only too happy to provide tablets for people who want fluoride in their water but flouridating everyone’s water is not right in my opinion,” Cr Ruiter said.

Mayor Alan Boulton said he had a growing uncertainty that flouridation was the sole factor in alleged reductions in tooth decay.

Asperger’s Syndrome Support Network (Qld) president Deborah Fay said flouride could trigger problems in children who have Attention Deficit Syndrome.

Cr Peter Houston, who is a dentist, said flouridating city water could produce immeasurable benefits and end a lot of unneccssary suffering from tooth decay.

The RCC wants the flouride issue raised at the Local Government Association of Queensland’s forthcoming annual conference.