During the week of August 8th-13th, Dr. Joseph Mercola is launching “Fluoride Awareness Week,” with in-depth newsletters and interactive articles on various fluoride topics.

“In a nearly unprecedented about-face, U.S. health officials recently admitted that Americans are getting too much fluoride, “ said Dr. Mercola, founder of Mercola.com, one of the most popular alternative health websites in the world. “Coupled with disturbing new studies showing the detrimental effects fluoride can have on children, we thought this would be a perfect time to help educate the public on the dangers of fluoride.”

Dr. Mercola and the Fluoride Action Network believe it’s just a matter of time before these dangers become self-evident – the CDC and the American Dental Association, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, have all publicly voiced concerns about fluoride’s toxic effects on the human body.

“It’s amazing that the United States claims to be one of the most advanced scientific countries in the world, yet we still are behind many countries in Europe, which have banned or drastically reduced their use of fluoride in public water systems,” said Dr. Mercola. “Hopefully, through our Fluoride Awareness Week, which readers can access at through Mercola.com, we’ll be able to help call attention to, and create awareness of, the many health hazards of this toxic substance.” For more information, please visit also visit FluorideAlert.org.

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