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“Drinking Fluoride: Is It Safe?” A film by Moms Against Fluoridation Raises Health Concerns

Source: Press Release: Moms Against Fluoridation | October 5th, 2017

Fluoride is now known to be a developmental neurotoxin, a chemical that negatively affects a child’s developing brain. Drinking fluoridation is also known to be implicated or causing many adverse health effects. Moms Against Fluoridation (MAF) released a short film entitled Drinking Fluoride: Is It Safe?.

“This is about our drinking water and a chemical, a ‘drug’, added to the water that has never been proven safe and is now known to have many adverse health effects. This chemical can find its way into our beverages, soups, our lemonades, our sodas and baby formulas,” states the MAF team.

Drinking Fluoride: Is It Safe? engages health professionals, doctors and researchers on the safety concerns and negative health effects from drinking artificial fluoridation chemicals.

Water fluoridation was endorsed as a public health policy in the 1950s in the absence of any testing for the long-term safety of human health. Always a controversial practice, most of the world has rejected public water fluoridation on scientific or ethical grounds.

Many cities across the United States continue to add artificial fluoridation chemicals to their water supply. The justification often given by proponents to city and state leaders is for a 25% reduction in cavities. What does 25% really mean? In fact this alleged and unproven “25%” is nothing more than a tiny reduction of less than one cavity per person that could be reduced over a lifetime. Maybe.

“Really,” states Moms Against Fluoridation, “who in their right mind would risk the IQ and brain health of a child, the health of a thyroid or inflammation in the body for some alleged tiny reduction of less than one cavity per person over a lifetime?”

MAF continues, “Drinking this chemical every day does not build great teeth, and to say it does, and that we all must drink it, is patently false. This is fear-mongering of the worst kind, and babies and children are being harmed. Even teeth are being harmed as the film shows.”

Kathleen Thiessen, PhD, Senior Scientist for the Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis and one of the leading experts on fluoridation, was one of the 12 National Research Council (NRC) committee members who contributed to the 2006 NRC review of fluoride toxicity. In the film she is featured challenging the notion that the science has been settled and in Dr. Thiessen’s words, “That’s a cop-out.”

This film points out the rather stunning fact that adding an unlabeled “drug” to the water supply with no informed medical consent, no control over the daily dose or regard for personal health and medical conditions, goes against all principles of modern medicine.

Angela Hind, MD, also featured in the film, states, “We used to think that fluoride only affects the teeth, but now we know it has far-reaching effects on the body. And, if you take these negative health effects and combine that with the fact that we know fluoride acts topically, it really makes no sense to drink our cavity prevention.”

The body of evidence has reached a tipping point, begging us to question the status quo chant of “Trust us; it’s safe.” This short film asks the audience to consider the evidence. The potential health risks, including disruption of thyroid function, inflammation and harmful effects to the brain, are too great to go left unquestioned.

Drinking Fluoride: Is It Safe? exposes risks that many of us never imagined decades ago and proves the importance of informing ourselves just as we did with lead, arsenic and asbestos..

Watch the film.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgVq6yywrzc

To learn more: momsagainstfluoridation.org
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•Press Release online at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/10/prweb14758525.htm