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Drinking poison along with water

Source: The Sentinel | October 16th, 2016
Location: India

TANGLA, Oct 15: High concentration of fluoride in ground water, which causes fluorosis, has brought severe threat to the people living in 22 revenue villages of Udalguri district, the latest survey by the Public Health Engineering Department, Tangla has revealed.

Fluorosis is a disease in which the teeth chip and bones become brittle. The findings of the survey show that under Bhergaon development block, Khoirabari development block, Mazbat development block ,Udalguri development block and Kalaigaon development block, the villages like Parbahu Chuba, Maihakhat, Naptipara, Singrimari, 1 No. Batabari, Soibari, Majargaon, 2 no. Alikhak, 2 no.Chandana TE, 4 no. Orang TE, Barjalah and Dakhin Jungalpara among others have high fluoride content in groundwater, informed the PHE officials.

The people also suspect high fluoride in wards of Tangla town. The places neighbouring the town like Chamuapra, Borjalah, Milanpur and Medhipara Chuba have already recorded high fluoride content.

According to a report, underground water of 20-60 ft range of the town recorded fluoride content ranging from 1.7 -2.5 milligram per litre of water. The people of Tangla have been using hand pump water for household purposes as since the last couple of years the people have been deprived of potable drinking water facility by the government.

A proper analysis in the district by PHE officials may detect more areas with high fluoride content.  High fluoride content in drinking water is a major public health concern, said a physician of Tangla CHC. According to him, high fluoride content in drinking water gives rise to dental and skeletal fluorosis. While the teeth of the affected persons turn black, skeletons and limbs are bent.

Though deadly arsenic has not been detected yet, arsenic test should also be carried out, feel the conscious people. Now what alternative arrangements are made by the officials concerned for supply of safe drinking water in the areas having high fluoride content will be something to watch out for.