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DuPont Clean Technologies Wins “Best Refining Technology”

Source: Press Release: DuPont | October 1st, 2018
Industry type: Oil Refineries

From the gala event in Houston, Texas, honorees took home awards in 12 categories —10 paying tribute to the latest technological advances in the hydrocarbon processing industry and two people awards. Category winners were singled out for their influential role in enabling refinery, petrochemical and gas processing/LNG operators to optimize their operations.

Eli Ben-Shoshan, global business leader, DuPont Clean Technologies said, “We have worked with the refining industry for decades and understand the pressures our customers and the industry face. Refiners must meet current clean fuel demands while ensuring a safe operating environment for employees and the surrounding communities. While we’re thrilled to win this prestigious award, we’re even more excited to bring this cost-effective HF alkylation conversion and expansion technology to the market.”

With worldwide demand for higher-octane fuels growing, petroleum refiners increasingly look to alkylate as the gasoline blending component of choice. As there is a worldwide shortage, the ability to produce alkylate onsite locally is extremely beneficial for refiners and offers a host of advantages including high octane, low sulfur, low vapor pressure and the elimination of aromatics and olefins.

Over 40 percent of the existing alkylation facilities in the world employ hydrofluoric acid (HF) as the catalyst for the alkylation reaction. Concerns with the toxicity of HF are pressuring refiners to reconsider its use. The new DuPont™ ConvEx? technology is the first to offer refiners a significantly safer and cost-effective option for producing alkylate by converting existing HF alkylation assets to sulfuric acid alkylation units. The DuPont™ ConvEx? technology has the added benefit of allowing for an increase in the design capacity of existing alkylation units by 100 percent, or more at 40-60 percent of the cost of a grassroots sulfuric acid alkylation unit, decidedly lower than any other option available on the market.

*Press Release online at https://www.prweb.com/releases/dupont_clean_technologies_wins_best_refining_technology/prweb15804362.htm