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Durango voters likely to decide whether to halt fluoridation in drinking water

Source: The Durango Herald | January 11th, 2017 | By Jonathan Romeo, Staff Writer
Location: United States, Colorado

A petition that would stop the city of Durango from adding fluoride to its drinking water appears to have enough signatures, and now it will either be adopted by the Durango City Council within 30 days or left for voters to decide in the April election.

Amy Phillips, director of administrative services for the city clerk’s office, said Tuesday the office is verifying each signature, but it appears the petition received the required 593 signatures. Jim Forleo, a Durango resident who started the petition in November, estimated 800 signatures were collected.

“For all practical purposes, yes it looks like the petition received the sufficient amount of signatures,” Phillips said.

Phillips on Jan. 17 will present the petition to the Durango City Council, which has 30 days to decide either to adopt the ordinance to remove fluoride from drinking water or let voters decide in April.

Forleo, a local chiropractor who has long criticized the city’s fluoride program, said a large part of collecting signatures the past few months was educating residents about what he believes are the potentially harmful effects of adding fluoride to drinking water.

“We found a lot of people either didn’t know about it or just accepted it as something that’s been around for 70 years, without really knowing the detrimental aspects of it,” Forleo said. “But in the last several years, a lot of that information has been surfacing, and we are really becoming over-fluorided to death.”

Durango City Councilor Dick White said the council is likely to place the matter up for a vote in April, having consistently voiced support for fluoridation in drinking water, which the city says promotes oral health care for low-income residents.