Fluoride in the town’s public water supply for drinking will be up for discussion at tonight’s Duxbury Selectmen’s meeting.

Currently, there is fluoride in the water.

“There are those who are concerned about health risks and those who find great health benefits to the proposal,” Town Manager Rene Read told WATD.

“So it’s  something we’ve been doing for a number of years, and this evening we will begin the discussion on whether or not we will continue that practice.”

Read says a citizens’ petition was submitted.

“What the board has done is asked both proponents and opponents to the issue to come in and discuss it and have this sort-of first foray in to what will become the larger discussion at the town meeting on September 19,” said Read.

So, is this the first time that this has been proposed?

“This question came up about three or four years ago with a similar vehicle using a citizens’ petition to bring the question before the voters at town meeting. It didn’t pass at the annual [town meeting] when it was contemplated a couple of years ago,” said Read.

“This one’s coming back for consideration by the voters and this article is asking to petition the general court to see if we can hold a ballot question 60 days following the enactment of the act in which the question will be asked of the voters.”

Also tonight, a bonus shellfish season for September is expected to be announced.