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Duxbury: Voter Petition to Ask Whether or Not to Fluoridate Water Supply

Source: 95.9FM WATD | August 30th, 2016 | By David Skill

Fluoride in the town’s public water supply for drinking took center stage at Monday night’s Duxbury Selectmen’s meeting.

Currently, there is fluoride in the drinking water in Duxbury.

“The board held an interesting discussion on what is going to be Article 8 for our special town meeting on Monday, September 19th. It’s a petition by the voters to ask the board of selectmen to petition the general court to ask whether or not the public water supply should continue to be fluoridated,” Duxbury Town Manager Rene Read told WATD.

“We had a number of people in the audience who spoke, and they spoke quite elegantly on both sides of the argument — the first being the folks that don’t want the fluoride. The other argument was the people who are in favor of fluoride — that was led by a number of doctors and pediatricians in the audience.”

Read noted that this is not the first time this issue has come up in Duxbury:

“They came up once again, in fact the exact same article in 2013 and that was defeated about 120-90. So participation matters — if people have a concern or want to share their sentiments on this, being in the room really does make a difference,” said Read.

Again, Duxbury Fall Town Meeting is on Monday, September 19.