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East Lancs: Debate on fluoride is urged

Source: Lancashire Evening Post | July 18th, 2008
Location: United Kingdom, England

Health bosses should have a “full, frank and transparent debate” before deciding whether to put fluoride in water supplies in South Ribble, a panel of councillors has said.

The Community Watchdog Scrutiny Committee of South Ribble Council has warned the Central Lancashire Primary Care Trust it must tell the public the pros and cons of adding fluoride to water.

The chemical has been added to water in some parts of the country since 1964 and it is proven to improve dental hygiene, but some people oppose the idea and fear it may have health implications.

Committee spokesman Linda Williams said: “They must present the public with an impartial account from both sides of the argument to have an informed debate about the issue.”

The council passed the proposal unanimously at a meeting on Wednesday July 16 and a copy will now be sent to the PCT which is carrying out an Oral Health Strategy Consultation looking at a range of dental issues, including fluoridation.