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Edmonton: CTV program on Fluoride at YouTube

Source: Breakfast Television Edmonton (CTV) | July 9th, 2009

Panelists on program:

Dr. Simi Soin / City Centre Dental
Colin McGarrigle / Avenue Magazine
Myles Kitagawa / Toxics Watch Society of Alberta

Colin will talk about the Fluoride article in Avenue magazine.

Fluoridation is supposed to improve our dental health, yet an increasing number of Canadian municipalities are taking it out of the water, citizens groups form to fight it, academic studies come up with different conclusions and even dentists duel over its desirability.

Myles is an advocate for fluoride free drinking water. He feels that the use of fluoride as water treatment is an obsolete practice. Dr. Simi Soin will talk about the benefits of fluoride.

SEE TV interview on YouTube