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Egan wants rid of fluoride in Dundalk

Source: Dundalk Democrat | May 19th, 2014
Location: Ireland

Local election candidate Stephen Egan says that with the new charges on water being introduced, it time for a debate on whether or not flouride [sic] should be added.

“As the government is now making us pay for our national water we as customers should have the right to decide if we want to have Fluoirde [sic] in our water or not. Cork County Council recently called on the government to stop its fluoridation programme under a proposal by Fianna Fail councillor Chris O’Sullivan.

“I think there is a real ethical issue here concerning the right of the government to medicate the people of the country without their permission. As an individual I want to have the right to choose to take a medicine or not, that option is clearly not been offered to the Irish people at the moment and that needs to be addressed.

Egan says that he would work to rid local water of the chemical.

“We should examine the chlorine content of our local water supply as there has been some issues raised in research regarding how chlorine reacts to organic water sources. If elected to the county council I will endeavor to make Dundalk water Fluoride free.”