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Rockhampton. Election 2016: Candidates discuss fluoride in Rocky water

Source: The Morning Bulletin | March 14th, 2016
Location: Australia

FLUORIDATION of town drinking water has been a hot topic across Queensland.

We asked Rockhampton region’s mayoral candidates where they stood on the controversial subject after the current council voted to stop fluoridation.

Margaret Strelow

I do not support putting fluoride in our drinking water.

And it’s not because I believe the conspiracy theorists.

I strongly believe that the taking of a medication or supplement (however beneficial) should be a personal choice.

We add chemicals to the water to “treat” it to make it safe to drink – that is one thing.

Adding chemicals or supplements because we believe it’s good for you is quite another.

Dominic Doblo

No fluoridation, not during this term.

I’m prepared to look at fluoridation in four years, after stability has returned to the region.

Lea Taylor

I do not support the fluoridation of our water system and poisoning our community.

Bruce Diamond

No, I don’t advocate for fluoride in our drinking water, I think it’s a personal choice and if you feel it would be of benefit to you or your children then simply take fluoride tablets at your own discretion.

Chris Hooper

WATER fluoridation is a big issue with plenty for and against.

Most of the medical profession, mainly dentists, are fluoride believers.

Doctors for some reasons believe that synthetic medicine will cure all ills.

I believe that good food, good water and a physically active life will cure a lot of problems (even with the mind).

I am very worried that fluoride is apparently a by-product of the aluminium industry.

Manufactured food is full to brim with sugar – check the aisles of the big supermarkets.

We need a big pow wow about the direction of health and exercise in Rocky.

Is prevention better than cure?

Michael McMillan

ARGUMENTS from both sides of the water fluoridation debate have been raised during our series of Team McMillan – Community Consultation Forums, held over the past six months.

Water fluoridation is possibly the most widely studied and debated public health measure of all time, with hundreds of studies undertaken over many decades assessing possible links between water fluoridation and a vast range of health conditions.

The majority of Australian towns and cities adopted water fluoridation programs during the 1960s and 70s with now close to 90% of our country’s communities supporting this initiative.

It is argued that fluoridated water contributes to fewer fillings, fewer extractions, and fewer visits to the dentist – resulting in healthier teeth.

Although water fluoridation will remain a topic of debate among the people of our region, our community has more pressing issues to confront in the immediate future.

The incoming council must immediately address the issue of our ailing local economy.

While working to deliver the fundamentals, the Rockhampton Regional Council must also broaden its mandate and establish long-term strategic and economic reform plans that will serve to stimulate our economy, attract investment, foster business and consumer confidence, create jobs and deliver real growth.

A Team McMillan-led council will consider an appropriate time at which the issue of water fluoridation can be considered by the community during the forthcoming term.

Ultimately, the people of the Rockhampton region will be provided the opportunity to decide if fluoride is introduced into our water supply.