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Entech: Fluoride-Ion Batteries Will Deliver Up to Eight Times Longer Battery Life Than Lithium Cells

Source: Press Release: Entech International (H.K.) Limited | November 8th, 2019
Location: China
Industry type: Batteries

HONG KONG, Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lithium cells became commercially available close to the 1970s and although the technology has seen its fair share of improvements, it will soon be superseded by Fluoride-ion technology in the years to come owing to the continuous efforts of Hong Kong battery company, Entech International (H.K.) Limited.

Fluoride-ion technology implements the use of a Fluorine-based electrolyte in the presence of adequate electrodes in a structure similar to that of Lithium-ion batteries however prove more efficient in terms of the capability to store energy.

Entech International (H.K.) Limited ultimately brought the research closer to realization the moment they succeeded in their attempt to create a prototype cell that proved to be functional under the constraints to a common environment under room temperature.

Entech International (H.K.) Limited aims to provide three main areas of specific battery application, also additional industry uses. Within the electronic vehicle industry, the company has stated it will manufacture vehicle battery packs capable of up to 2000km per single charge in the near future.

“The use of Fluoride-ions have certain desirable characteristics when concerning essential battery requirements that include favorable voltage, as well as the capacity of the cell in general, that amount to essentials for any battery,” commented Zhuan Xinyi, Chief Technology Officer at Entech International (H.K.) Limited.

Viewing Fluorine from a charge based perspective, its negative nature can be observed when taken in comparison to lithium ions that are positively charged. Benefiting from the fundamental nature of fluorine, the battery capacity can be increased using fluorine-ion technology for battery capacity and life can be defined by the amount of ions that are moved.

In that respect, negatively charged particles or anions can be moved with relatively less effort as compared to cations, thus, the creation of batteries that have higher energy densities than Lithium-ion batteries become possible.

The cell developed is capable of improved performance (both in terms of discharge and recharge capabilities) over traditional lithium ion-based cell solutions, and fluoride-based batteries may soon supersede lithium-based batteries as the new standard for commercial-grade batteries.

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*Original press release online at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/entech-international-hk-limited-says-fluoride-ion-batteries-will-deliver-up-to-eight-times-longer-battery-life-than-lithium-cells-300954745.html