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EPA Experts Say Fluoride Not Shown Toxic At Low Levels

Source: Law360 | June 15th, 2020 | By Hannah Albarazi


Two science consultants retained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defended fluoride in drinking water at a bench trial Monday, testifying that despite animal studies showing possible neurotoxic effects at high levels, there is insufficient evidence to show fluoride is harmful to infant brains at the lower levels in drinking water.

The EPA’s expert witnesses, Dr. Joyce Tsuji and Dr. Ellen Chang toxicologists working with the consulting firm Exponent, testified via Zoom videoconference that interpretation of animal studies on the neurotoxic effect of fluoride are too limited to enable a conclusion that humans ingesting fluoridated water are at risk of suffering neurotoxic effects.

Chang testified that the connection between fluoride exposure and health effects is not “compelling” and that based on a systematic review of the scientific literature, is that it has not been established that fluoridated water, at the recommended dose of .7 milligrams per liter of water, is a neurotoxin.

Counsel for the plaintiffs, Food & Water Watch Inc., Fluoride Action Network and others, say there is sufficient evidence to provide a scientifically defensible basis to conclude fluoride in tap water poses an unreasonable risk of harm to humans, and especially to infants.

Counsel for the nonprofits and individuals, Michael P. Connett of Waters Kraus & Paul LLP, laid out for U.S. District Judge Edward Chen Chang’s professional background at Exponent, saying most of her work there had been sponsored by chemical giants Dow Chemical, Monsanto and 3M…

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