BOYERTOWN — Cabot Corp. is facing more than $167,000 in penalties from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for violating hazardous chemical reporting requirements.

Officials at the Boston-based company’s Cabot Performance Materials Plant at 144 Holly Road failed to immediately notify emergency response agencies about two hazardous chemical leaks in 2000, according to an EPA press release. The EPA also cited the company for operating without a hazardous waste storage permit in 2000.

The EPA is seeking a $151,254 fine from Cabot for failure to immediately report a chemical leak on Feb. 7, 2000. Cabot released 275 pounds of anhydrous ammonia and did not report it to the National Response Center until 34 hours later, and did not notify emergency response officials as is required, the release said.

On March 25, 2000, Cabot allegedly again violated reporting requirements after a leak of 1,239 pounds of hydrofluoric acid. Cabot did not notify the National Response Center or emergency response officials for 4.5 hours, and did not provide the required report promptly to state and local officials, according to the EPA.

The EPA is also seeking a $15,840 fine for violations found during an inspection in May 2000. EPA inspectors found that several employees lacked required hazardous waste training and that two 25-35 gallon drums containing hazardous waste were not properly labeled and had been stored for an unknown amount of time.

Officials at Cabot Performance Materials could not be reached for comment Monday. Cabot has the right to a hearing to contest the alleged violations and proposed penalties.

Cabot Performance Materials manufactures tantalum and niobium metal products used in the electronics, superconductor, aerospace and chemical process industries.