Fluoride Risk Assessment and Relative Source Contribution

Fact sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 29K)

EPA has completed and peer-reviewed a quantitative dose-response assessment based on the available data for severe dental fluorosis as recommended by National Research Council (NRC). Additional research will be necessary to obtain dose-response data amenable to a quantitative risk assessment for Stage II skeletal fluorosis and/or skeletal fractures. The dose-response assessment provides a reference dose based on the critical health effect of pitting of the enamel in severe dental fluorosis.

EPA has also completed and peer-reviewed a document on environmental exposure of children and adults to fluoride and the relative source contribution (RSC) for water. The RSC is needed in order to derive the Maximum Contaminate Level Goal (MCLG) from the dose-response assessment.

Other information or activities related to fluoride

Please email comments regarding the documents Fluoride: Dose-Response Analysis For Non-cancer Effects, and Fluoride: Exposure and Relative Source Contribution Analysis to EPA at: FluorideScience@epa.gov.