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Escambia County: Fluoride is back in the news

Source: Pensacola News Journal | Good example, penchant for pensions, a brush with fluoride | September 29th, 2008 | By Mark OBrien
Location: United States, Florida


The issue is 50 years old, but fluoride is back in the news.

Joshua Jocelyn, a fluoride opponent, is running for a seat on the ECUA board, which oversees Escambia County’s water system. He wants to emulate Elizabeth Campbell, also a political unknown and fluoride opponent, who recently defeated ECUA Chairman Logan Fink.

“I would like to help her,” said Jocelyn, who is challenging another ECUA veteran, Elvin McCorvey.

History lesson: Pensacola put fluoride in the water in the 1950s but removed it two years later. It wasn’t put back in the water until several years ago, after lots of squabbling.