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Eureka Springs City Council asked to pass resolution opposing fluoridation

Source: Lovely County Citizen | July 17th, 2014 | By Scott Loftis
Location: United States, Arkansas

… On another issue, Schneider asked the council to pass a resolution officially opposing the fluoridation of the city’s water supply. Schneider indicated she will prepare such a resolution for the council’s consideration.

A law passed by the Arkansas Legislature in 2011 requires any city that serves more than 5,000 residents to add fluoride to its drinking water. Eureka Springs purchases its water from the Carroll Boone Water District, which is preparing to comply with the state law.

Opponents to fluoridation say that fluoride poses major health risks to humans. Several of the residents who spoke during the public comments portion of Monday’s meeting expressed opposition to adding fluoride to the city’s drinking water.

Alderman James DeVito noted that the state law requiring fluoridation was passed in 2011 and pointed out that the council adopted a resolution against adding fluoride in 2012.

“Basically, that’s all we can do as a city,” DeVito said. “This is a state-mandated project.”

“You may have forgotten about this over the last couple of years, but that doesn’t mean everyone has,” Schneider replied. “Some things take a long time to work on.”

Monday’s meeting lasted nearly five hours, including nearly two hours of public comments.

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