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Eurobodalla: Fluoride questions remain

Source: Bay Post | August 17th, 2011 | By Pamela Frost
Location: Australia

Controversy surrounding the introduction of fluoride into the shire’s water supply raised its head again at last month’s Eurobodalla Shire Council meeting.

During question time, Councillor Graham Scobie asked council to clarify the cost of the fluoride, the supplier, and which country it would come from – questions posed by Eurobodalla Fluoride Inc.

However, Mayor Fergus Thomson replied: “I think we’ve answered everything we can on fluoride”.

Councillor Rob Pollock agreed.

“We made a very informed decision after a long, intensive argument…” he said.

“You can ask these types of questions forever. This is a political game now.”

Cr Lindsay Brown suggested council co-ordinate a generic reply to these questions, which states council’s view on the matter.

“We’ve already made the decision that fluoridation will occur.”

Cr Chris Kowal thought it was important that questions were responded to – whether briefly or fully.

Cr Scobie indicated he would vote against the motion that council not respond to the fluoride questions, because the questions required only a one-word answer.

The motion was carried for council staff not to respond Eurobodalla Fluoride Inc’s questions, with Cr Scobie and Cr Kowal voting against.