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Excessive Fluoride Levels in Lubbock Cooper School Wate

Source: News Channel 11 | January 10th, 2005
Location: United States, Texas

You’ve heard of fluoride, it can be found in your toothpaste and sometimes in your water. But, too much of it can cause cosmetic problems like brown stains on your teeth or health problems like bone disorders. Right now the water at Lubbock Cooper Schools are testing at a level that the Environmental Protection Agency considers unsafe to drink. However, the fountains are still flowing inside the schools.

It’s been two years since LCISD first learned of the fluoride exposure, which they acted immediately on by notifying parents, offering bottled water and fluoride free lunches to students fourth grade and under. But the district needs a permanent solution.

There are two options. First, the district is trying to buy city water that would flow into their schools. Another more pricey option would be to buy water purifiers. Right now the school district is working with the city to try and get water brought in, and they should have an answer in a couple months.

One parent wanted the school to do more. For example, make all lunches fluoride free and eliminate the regular water fountains that tested for fluoride.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has set a deadline of February 2006 for the district to find a viable option. But after talking with the TCEQ, they said because of our water shortage, having the water dispensers in the school could be the ultimate solution.