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Fairview: Bylaw to cut fluoride gets first reading 2

Source: Fairview Post | April 16th, 2015 | By Chris Eakin
Location: Canada, Alberta

Discussion of ceasing fluoridation of the town water supply has returned and it looks as though council is giving it serious consideration.

At their April 7 meeting, Council discussed a bylaw to repeal the bylaw giving the town authorization to fluoridate the water.

Director of legislative services Monika Ralston said this was being brought forward as per council’s wishes and was not a continuation of previous discussions.

Councillor Owen Stanford said his objection level to fluoridation “has dropped way down” as the fluoride injection pump has been repaired and the hazards have decreased.

The original bylaw dates from 1957. Councillor Dennis Radbourne said when the original bylaw was approved, Fairview was a leader but now, with fluoride available in toothpaste the town is not the only provider.

Council approved first reading of the bylaw.

Due to the election, the Alberta Health declined to comment on the matter but did point out the Alberta Health Position Paper on Community Water Fluoridation, which seems, to me, to be clear and unequivocal: “Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services recognize that community water fluoridation effectively prevents and reduces tooth decay, especially among people who are at greater risk.

“It offers significant benefit and very low risk, and reaches all residents who are connected to a municipal water supply. Community water fluoride is a foundational public health measure for prevention of tooth decay and to improve oral health.”

The paper is available on the government of Alberta website and can be found through google…

The entire paper is nine pages long and addresses fears of possible health risks attributed to fluoridation.