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Fairview: Town settles fluoridation question

Source: The Fairview Post | June 26th, 2013 | By Chris Eakin
Location: Canada, Alberta

Fairview Town council finally settled the fluoridation question in favour of keeping fluoride in the water.

CAO Larry Davidson told council they had three choices: they could send the question to a plebiscite at the October municipal election, they could choose to discontinue fluoride treatment or they could choose to continue it.

Councillor Tony Prybysh spoke first and moved that the town continue fluoride treatment.

Councillor Larry Chorney said he agreed with the motion and councillor Anne Grayson said she had done a straw poll, calling 37 people and the majority were in favour.

What she found incredible was that four people said they had no idea what the fluoride was about. The motion passed so the town is spared the expense of a plebiscite and fluoridation is now guaranteed for a while longer.