The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) launched its “Moms2B Avoid Fluoride” campaign to alert pregnant women that consuming fluoride, especially from fluoridated water, can potentially harm the developing brain of their unborn child, according to newly published research.

FAN pointed to to two “mother-child” studies in 2017 and 2018 on the cognitive effect of fluoride on the human fetus. Both studies reported a significant decrease in the IQs of children whose mothers had higher fluoride intakes. The studies reportedly found an average IQ loss of 6 points at age 4 years, along with losses at ages 1-3 and 6-12 (Bashash et al 2017, Thomas et al 2018). The studies were U.S. government funded.

According to Paul Connett, PhD, director of FAN, “Pregnant women need to be warned about this emerging risk from a needlessly imposed exposure to fluoride.”

The American Dental Association, a long-term advocate of community water fluoridation, remains dedicated to what dentistry feels is a needed heatlh benefit.

FAN’s campaign urges consumers to:

  • If you are pregnant, avoid fluoride, especially from fluoridated water.
  • Start a group to share this information with pregnant women in your community
  • Start a group opposed to fluoridation in your community
  • Contact local and state officials and water suppliers. Tell them to stop fluoridation or reject its initiation.
  • Share this information.