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Farmington’s effort to remove fluoridation ordinance

Source: Daily Journal Online | February 13th, 2015 | By Shawnna Robinson
Location: United States, Missouri


… during regular session on Thursday… the council approved the removal of an ordinance authorizing the fluoridation of the city’s water supply – but, the move does not mean the practice is discontinuing.

The city has not been fluoridating the water since mid-November when it began chlorinating to eliminate bacteria in the system.

“Because we have an ordinance telling us to fluoridate – during that period we weren’t adding fluoride to the system – DNR views us as being in violation of our regulations,” Beavers explained. “So, the shortcut for us to avoid a notice of violation from DNR as we move forward is to eliminate the ordinance.

“That doesn’t mean the city council may not – at its option – add fluoride to the water system. We just don’t need an ordinance to do so. A voice vote of council is all we need.”

Beavers said the city will continue to halt the practice of fluoridation for another month while the city council finalizes a position on it.

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