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Ferris Independent School District ceases use of city water for consumption

Source: The Ellis County Citizen | January 21st, 2017
Location: United States, Texas

FERRIS — Ferris Independent School District [ISD] has stopped providing City of Ferris water to students following the city’s announcement of high fluoride levels.

“We were notified at 3:00 yesterday afternoon (Thursday) about a water quality issue with the City of Ferris related to fluoride levels. We immediately implemented contingency plans which include disconnecting drinking fountains district-wide and using bottled water for both cafeteria meal preparation and student/staff drinking use,” Ferris ISD Superintendent James Harman said on Friday.

“Bottled water is in place and in use at all cafeterias this morning (Friday.) Bottled water for student/staff use on campuses is being brought in and deployed as expeditiously as possible. Today may be challenging as we work to provide access to bottled water in the quantities needed for students and staff at each campus, but we will do our very best to make that happen.”

Because the fluoride level issue may take a significant amount of time to resolve, Ferris ISD is taking futher measures to provide a long-term solution for drinking and cooking water.

“We anticipate that the fluoride levels may be a long-term issue with the city water and so we are making arrangements for more permanent solutions to our school district water needs beginning next week. We also anticipate a public announcement from the City of Ferris in the very near future that will contain more detailed information regarding the fluoride levels and potential health hazards,” Harman said.


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