Fluoride Action Network

Fight against fluoride goes forward in Salina

Source: KSN.com | July 21st, 2014
Location: United States, Kansas

The fight against fluoride in public water has taken a step forward in Salina.

Salina Cares, a grassroots organization comprised of concerned citizens of Salina, turned in their petition this morning to the Salina city clerk.

The group wants the city of Salina remove the chemical fluoride from the public water supply due to health risk concerns for those that drink the water.

The group needed 988 signatures for verification.

They gathered more than 2,000.

If verified, the petition would bring the issue to public vote in the upcoming November election.

“This is the day we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been working on this for three years, and we went to the city commission first hoping that giving them lots of information hoping they would decide, ‘maybe we’ve made a mistake’ and take it out, but they did not feel that way. So, we went ahead with the petition,” Lou Tryon, Salina Cares.

If the group gets the issue on the November ballot, Salina Cares says it will give the citizens of Salina the opportunity to vote on what they put into their body.