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Flibe Energy’s liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR)

Source: Website of Flibe Energy | July 9th, 2018
Industry type: Nuclear Industry

We Stand at the Dawn of the Thorium Age

Thorium is the key to creating life-saving medicines to fight cancer and to produce clean, efficient, reliable and sustainable energy. The full potential of thorium is best realized through molten-salt reactor technology, developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory under Dr. Alvin Weinberg from 1951 until 1976. Flibe Energy has taken the Oak Ridge work and enhanced the design into the liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR), a molten-salt reactor design that can utilize thorium more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Thorium becomes Earth’s most abundant stored energy resource when used in the LFTR.

The salts used in the LFTR are combinations of lithium fluoride and beryllium fluoride (LiF-BeF2) salts often called “F-Li-Be.” Unlike current materials used in nuclear reactors, liquid FLiBe is impervious to radiation damage and incredibly chemically stable. FLiBe can hold enormous amounts of thermal energy safely and at low pressures yet at high temperatures, helping us finally realize the dream of a compact, affordable power system that can be mass-produced to meet the world’s needs for power and other essential materials. We have named our company after this amazing mixture that makes thorium reactors possible.

We plan to develop LFTR technology in stages, beginning with a small production reactor, proceeding to a larger demonstration reactor, and arriving at a full-scale commercial prototype system appropriate for large-scale deployment and that could be arrayed for multi-gigawatt installations.

The LFTR represents the ultimate energy source that will propel humanity forward into a “thorium age” of energy independence, human advancement, exploration of new frontiers, and sustainable development. Using LFTR technology all the energy you will need for your entire life will be contained in a small ball of thorium that you could hold in your hand and will be worth a few cents. Please follow the links on this site to learn more and we hope that you will help us succeed on our important mission.

Flibe Energy

Our mission is to develop modular thorium reactors to supply the world with life-saving medicines, sustainable and clean energy, fresh water, and fuels.

• See 2015 technical report, Program on Technology Innovation: Technology Assessment of a Molten Salt Reactor Design The Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR)

*Original article online at http://flibe-energy.com/