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Flouridate Sonoma County Water Supply? Petition for your Opinion

Source: The Sonoma County Gazette | January 14th, 2013 | By Brendal Adelman

The County has taken steps to move forward on the fluoridation of the Sonoma County Water Agency’s water supply serving about 600,000 people in Sonoma County and Marin.  One Sonoma County Supervisor has stated that she feels so strongly about fluoridation of the water supply that she will not read any materials in opposition.  All five Supervisors last year voted to move forward with a study to start the change.

By clicking on the link below, you will see the Sonoma County Water Coalition’s formal position on this possible action which has Russian River Watershed Protection Committee’s full support.  We hope you will not only sign this petition, but will also pass on to your friends and loved ones.

The potential problems mentioned in this petition are so serious, that the EPA is currently preparing to decrease the amount of fluoride by half that is allowed to be added to water supplies. (We believe they should stop the practice all together and several cities with long time use of fluoride are now contemplating its removal from their water systems.)

Health experts advise, and this also appears on fluoridated toothpaste covers, that children under eight years old should not use the toothpaste because of the danger of accidental ingestion.  People with bone loss and similar problems should also be very concerned.

It is our view that children suffering from tooth decay can be better treated with fluoridated toothpaste (much higher grade of fluoride is used than what is used for water supplies) and a healthy diet that eliminates sugary sweets as much as possible.   The general population should not be forced to ingest this substance that can weaken bones and cause other damage.  Furthermore, fluoridation is very expensive and the money can be better spent for low cost dental programs to serve low income families.


We hope you will not only sign this petition, but also send it on to people on your email lists.

PS:  If you live in an area served by Sonoma County Water Agency (Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Petaluma, North Marin,  Sonoma, Marin Municipal), you may also want to call your local Council representatives to express your concerns.  Ask them to file a protest with the Sonoma County Water Agency.