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Fluoridated Irish Kids Experience Massive Tooth Decay Epidemic

Source: New American News | November 28th, 2017 | By Paul Webber
Location: Ireland

Ireland is the only country in the EU that forces its citizens to be fluoridated. This is due to the Fluoridation of Water Supplies Act of 1960. In 2013, a bill to overturn this act failed to do so in 2013. Two other motions were filed in 2014.

Today, The Time UK is reporting that Irish children are now at epidemic levels when it comes to tooth decay. Interestingly, they are blaming cereals and juices.

The labeling of high-sugar cereals, yogurts and juices for children as “healthy” is contributing to an epidemic of tooth decay, a leading dental surgeon has warned.

New research has found that 60 per cent of Irish children who required dental treatment under general anesthetic before they turned five needed teeth extracted. Some children are having as many as nine teeth pulled by the time they are 12.

Further worsening the situation, the Journal of the Irish Dental Association found that 60% of the 347 required being put under anesthesia before the age of 5 to resolve tooth decay issues.

But what’s not being discussed is the fact that fluoride contains hydrofluorosilicic acid, which is a corrosive acid. It can eat through pure metal. It can eat through concrete and hazmat suits. So what do we assume it could do to children’s teeth?

Children are the subjects of a load of fluoridation processes via their dentists and even their own toothpaste and drinking water. The combination is deadly. But it seems Ireland, the only country to not ban fluoridation, chooses to blame other factors; all factors that are present in all the other EU countries which do not share the dental tooth decay epidemic.

The government’s obtuse position is likely one of convenience. Fluoridation is big business around the world, particularly in the United States. It is a shame that profits come before our children’s health, but it is also not surprising in the least.

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