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Fluoridated pesticides found in Chinese teas

December 31st, 2012
Location: China
Industry type: Pesticides


In December 2011 and January 2012 Greenpeace took samples from nine well-known tea companies.. The samples were sent to an accredited third-party laboratory for pesticide testing… The results showed that every one of the 18 samples from the nine tea manufacturers contained at least three different kinds of pesticides; 12 of the samples showed traces of the banned pesticides methomyl, endosulphan, and fenvalerate; 14 samples contained carbendazim, benomyl, myclobutanil, flusilazole or other pesticides that according to the EU’s classification may impair fertility, cause harm to an unborn child, or cause heritable genetic damage …

Fluoridated pesticides found: Bifenthrin, Chlorfenapyr, Cyhalothrin lambda, Cyhalothrin, Flusilazole, Indoxacarb

Greenpeace 2012 report: Pesticides: Hidden Ingredients in Chinese Tea