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Fluoridated Water Raises Questions

Source: FOX News | June 23rd, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO ? Fluoride in the water: while many agree it helps fights cavities, others argue additives to our drinking water ? even in the name of health ? may be a danger.

The debate over fluoride continues to rage, with citizens across the country asking why this, or any substance, should be added to our water supply.

“We all know things like DDT and thalidomide have found a way to be introduced to us with assurances that everything’s safe. This happens to go a lot further than most others because it’s been placed in our water and you can’t run away from it,” Jeff Green said.

San Francisco Supervisor Mark Leno is the latest city official to explore the possibility of removing fluoride from tap water, while others wonder what they might be forced to swallow next.

“This is mass medication, and do we all need to be mass medicated at the same level?” Leno said.

“It’s the ultimate form of slavery!” said Dr. Richard A. Kunin, a nutritionist. “A molecule will be discovered that might become politically correct ? and that somebody for our own good, might consider adding to the water supply ? whether it might be a mood altering molecule, whether it might be in order to reduce violence ? they might add lithium.”

A water supply built to deliver one kind of drug ? could easily deliver others ? added not by doctors, but by terrorists. And given the current laws, many local communities seem powerless to stop either scenario.

While more than 60 cities have successfully banished fluoride from their water supply, some, like San Diego, have been overruled by their state government ? and the fight against fluoride may soon be headed to court.

? Fox News’ Claudia Cowan contributed to this report.