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Fluoridation elephant.

Rutland Herald | October 13, 2022 | By Jack Crowther
Posted on October 13th, 2022
Location: United States, Vermont

The story of the Richmond water plant operator who reduced the fluoride level in town water is a classic case of missing the elephant in the room.

Kendall Chamberlin, the water superintendent in Richmond, actually did a good thing in reducing water customers’ exposure to fluoride. When put in the water, fluoride is a drug that is then consumed in uncontrolled doses. The water customers have not given their informed consent. Science shows ingested fluoride may possibly reduce tooth decay a bit but is a hazard to fetuses and infants and a health risk to some adults who get too much of it.

Chamberlain, acting out of laudable concern for his water customers, did a poor job of communicating his actions to superiors and the public and got in trouble. But his instincts were good.

Understandably, way too many health professionals, local officials and ordinary water drinkers still accept the false promise of fluoridation as a “safe and effective” answer to tooth decay. Some of these folks responded in high dudgeon to Chamberlin’s actions, claiming he denied fluoride’s benefits to the town.

Sure, Richmond, give Chamberlin a wrist slap for stepping out of line. Then thank him for raising the issue. Take a fresh look at the current science and the common sense practices of most of the world. You will come to learn the public health establishment and dental profession have been mesmerized by fluoridation’s false promise for 70 years and simply can’t let it go. You’ll be ready to escort the fluoridation elephant out of town.

Jack Crowther