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Fluoridation… make Oneida council agenda

Source: The Oneida Daily Dispatch | April 17th, 2015 | By Jolene Cleaver
Location: United States, New York

A public hearing on a proposed fluoridation law is at the top of the Oneida Common Council agenda for Tuesday, April 21.

Later in the agenda, relating to the issue of fluoride, council will receive and file communications from: Peter Hedglon of Oneida; Donna Westfall of Crescent City, Calif; Dona Fiedler of Sherrill, and others who wrote to the city expressing their views for and against the water supply being fluoridated.

The issue has been the topic of discussion at previous meetings as those opposed to fluoridating water say that fluoride can cause an array of adverse health effects and lead to developmental delays in children, among other issues.

Those who have been in favor of fluoridation say that in the levels the water supply would be fluoridated, .07 parts per million, that is not enough to cause any health problems, but would be beneficial for dental health.

According to information from the water department, the water in question serves Oneida and water districts of Sherrill-Kenwood District, Durhamville Water District, Prospect Street Water District, the Villages of Wampsville, Oneida Castle, and Vernon, Stockbridge Water District, Taberg Water District, Town of Verona, Skenandoah-Highbridge Water District, and residents along the transmission line.

For details about the current water supply, view the 2014 water supply report, here: www.oneidacity.com/wp-content/uploads/waterreport.pdf

According to the city water department, currently, the water supply is chlorinated to kill any pathogens that may be present. Further, in order to inhibit corrosion of distribution pipes zinc orthophosphate is entered into the distribution system, which provides a thin protective coating to pipes.

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