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Fluoridation may be revisited in Sequim

Source: Peninsula Daily News | May 15th, 2003 | by Jim Manders

SEQUIM — Fluoridation might not be a dead issue in the city of Sequim.

But Mayor Walt Schubert said it will need a bottom-up effort to bring it completely back to life.

“It’s not hard to get an initiative on the ballot,” Schubert said Wednesday.

Schubert also pledged his support of a campaign to gather signatures to get fluoridation of city water on the ballot.

An initiative needs the signatures of 15 percent of registered voters to get onto the ballot.

County Elections Supervisor Patty Rosand reported Wednesday there are 3,010 registered voters in the city, meaning 452 signatures are required to put an initiative on the ballot.

Schubert said he was saddened last week after the council voted 5-1 to reject adding the chemical to city water based on the results of a survey of city residents.

Proponents say survey results weren’t conclusive enough for the City Council to reject the proposal.