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Fluoridation of Milton, Tapanui water supplies to begin

Source: Voxy.co.nz | November 19th, 2010
Location: New Zealand

Fluoridation of the Milton and Tapanui water supplies to help improve dental health will begin on 1 December.

Manager District Assets Jules Witt said Council had taken the step to fluoridate the supplies following advice from the District Health Board and consultation with the communities involved over the past few years.

Non-binding referenda run in conjunction with the 2007 local body elections revealed more than half of respondents supported fluoridating each respective supply.

Mr Witt said the installation of fluoridation equipment had been funded 100% by the Ministry of Health. The regular operational costs, including the fluoride, will be paid for from the water rate of the respective communities.

The fluoridation of Tapanui’s water supply follows a major water treatment upgrades for the township, which has produced very pleasing results to date. Milton had a new water treatment plant constructed in partnership with the Department of Corrections and opened in 2008.

The Kaitangata water supply will also be fluoridated in the near future, following the completion of its major water treatment upgrade.

Balclutha is the only other community in the district with its water supply fluoridated; it has been since the late 1960s.