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Fluoridation on fall ballot in Boothbay Harbor

Source: Boothbay Register | August 1st, 2002 | by Larz Neilson
Location: United States, Maine

“I’m dealing with a lot of people in their 20s with severe cavities” said Boothbay Harbor dentist Dr. Doug Bevins. “Am I an advocate of fluoridation? Absolutely.”

Fluoridation of public water supplies will be on the ballot in November in Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay and Southport. Selectmen in each town have voted in favor of a ballot referendum. Because the water system serves residents of the three towns, they would all have to vote in favor of fluoridation in order for it to be added to the water.

The move to add fluoride is being led by Dr. Jay Andrews, a local dentist, and John Van Orsdell.

Dr. Andrews called the lack of fluoridation in the water “a massive collective oversight,” and said that now is the time to do something about it.

“Dad has been nudging me about it,” said Dr. Andrews. His father, Dr. John Andrews led an unsuccessful drive to fluoridate the water more than 20 years ago.

Dr. Jay Andrews called fluoridation something that is long overdue. He said a lot of people assume the water has fluoride, and are surprised to find that it doesn’t.

There are people who take fluoride tablets, and they have less caries than those who don’t. He said his office gives out fluoride tablets, but often people don’t take them

Although many homes have private wells, children would get the benefit of drinking fluoridated water while at school, he said.