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Fluoridation quietly reduced again

Source: Vitality Magazine | December 1st, 2000 | by Michael Downey
Location: Canada, Ontario

Having previously rejected the formal 1999 recommendations of a team comprised of Dr. Hardy Limeback, (the late) Dr. John Yiamouyiannis and nutritionist Janet Budgell, to lower the fluoride levels, the Mississauga city council has since “quietly” reduced their fluoridation level from 1.0 parts per million (ppm) to 0.6ppm — a full 40 per cent drop.

Biochemist Limeback is the prominent University of Toronto professor, head of preventive dentistry and Canada’s leading authority on fluoride, whose presentations before a Toronto city planning committee last year resulted in an equally quiet reduction inToronto’s fluoridation level from 1.0ppm to 0.8ppm. Yiamouyiannis, the US biochemist who passed away October 8th, was a famed international fluoridation fighter and author of several books including Fluoride: The Aging Factor. Budgell is a Toronto nutritionist and founder and head of the Coalition Against Water Fluoridation (CAWF), a Toronto area group founded last year following the publication of some of Limeback’s newest concerns (by this author, in Vitality and the Toronto Star).

Recently, a Mississauga city councillor admitted the new 0.6 ppm fluoridation level was due largely to the presentations made last year by the Limeback-CAWF group. Limeback confirmed in a telephone interview with Vitality, that he has received a telephone call from the city, apologizing for not notifying him before now of the belated success of his group’s presentation.

No doubt adding to the pressures exerted by CAWF-Yiamouyiannis-Limeback delegation, the Ontario government’s Ministry of the Environment (MoE) recently announced its new ?recommended? range for fluoridation for those municipalities which elect to add the extremely toxic compound (filtered out of smokestack scrubbers used by the phosphate fertilizer industry) to public drinking water. The new 2000 MoE range sits at 0.5 to 0.8ppm and was set lower than the originally proposed, 1999, 0.8 to 1.0ppm range because ?of information received?.

That information, it was recently confirmed, was originally presented to the Ministry by Yiamouyiannis, CAWF and Limeback during 1999 and seconded, at CAWF’s invitation, by an avalanche of faxed submissions from respected fluoridation experts worldwide ? Canadians, Andreas Schuld and Richard Foulkes, and Americans, Albert Burgstahler and David Kennedy, among others.

Fluoride, credited with reducing dental cavities during the era prior to fluoride toothpastes, has been linked in medical journals, with bone weakness, cancer, kidney disease, premature aging and dental fluorosis (white spots on brittle teeth, a sign of systemic fluoride poisoning). Dental fluorosis is a huge problem in Mississauga today, says Limeback who also maintains a dental practice there.

Following a lecture by Limeback to a concerned group in Gananoque, an Ontario community of 4500, the November municipal election rejected fluoridation for the area. Most residents informally polled agreed that the expense of setting up a fluoridation operation did not balance the ?miniscule reduction in dental caries? expected.

?However, Toronto still adds 33 per cent more of this poison to our water than nearby Mississauga,? said Budgell. ?It’s high time (Toronto) at least matched the 0.6 level or better still, simply eliminated this costly and deadly threat to our health altogether.?

More information: CAWF: Tel 416-252-1411