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Fluoride – an unproven drug at uncontrolled dosage – Greens

Source: Politics.ie | May 20th, 2004
Location: Ireland

More news from Health & ChildrenCommenting on the current levels of fluoridation in Irish drinking water and the fact that Ireland is the only country in Europe with a mandatory fluoridation policy. Cllr. Mary White, Green Party Deputy Leader and European Candidate for the East, said today that, “If doctors were able to prescribe to patients a medially active, unproven drug at an uncontrolled dosage without measuring side effects we would think that the medical system had gone mad. However, through water fluoridation, that is exactly what is happening to us here in Ireland.”

“Ireland has been adding hexafluorosilicic acid, known as fluoride, to our water supply since 1963. We are the only country in Europe with a mandatory fluoridation policy. At present approximately 73% of Irish people are drinking water treated with industrial grade hexafluorosilicic acid. One of the major side effects of fluoridation is fluorosis – an overexposure to fluoride which effects the enamel in our teeth.”

“It is always argued that we need fluoride for our teeth, but in fact the proven benefits of fluoride to teeth are very slight. For such slight benefits how could any rational person advocate a practice which poses definite risks? How could any government force such a practice on individuals without their informed consent? For those who do not wish to be exposed to fluoride this practice denies them a crucial human right. Halting the fluoridation of Ireland’s water supply will deprive people of nothing, since fluoride is universally and readily available in fluoridated toothpaste, ” concluded Cllr. Mary White.