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Fluoride back in Dorval water

Source: The Gazette (Montreal) | August 21st, 2008
Location: Canada, Quebec

The City of Dorval has resumed water fluoridation after a five-year hiatus.

Mayor Edgar Rouleau said it was time to act on the matter since he had been receiving a lot of requests from citizens concerned about their children’s dental health.

“Demand from the citizens was high. The statistics show kids have less cavities when they use fluoride than when they don’t.”

Dorval had to stop water fluoridation in 2003 because its equipment was old and outdated.

City council asked the provincial government for the $450,000 required for new equipment, and Quebec granted the money.

But the city of Montreal blocked the deal, maintaining it had final say on any upgrades to the water system because it falls under the category of infrastructure, which is controlled by the island council.