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Fluoride Back – with conditions

Source: WKRG News 5 | February 27th, 2007 | By Rose Ann Haven
Location: United States, Alabama

When North Baldwin Utilities put it’s last drop of fluoride in the water supply earlier this month, NBU had no plans of ordering more fluoride.

But, Tuesday NBU put the chemical back into the system.

Jason Padgett with NBU says, “I think the board of directors have thought that it was best for the community to put it back in and then if they get the information they need they can leave it in in permanently or pull it back out”

The Bay Minette City Council passed a resolution asking the water board to put the fluoride back in the supply.

So, the board agreed to, for now.

That’s good news for fluoride advocates like Dr. David Tillery, a dentist in Bay Minette.

When News 5 sat down with him recently and asked him about health concerns researchers have raised, Tillery said he trusts the American Dental Association, “I have to rely on my national organizations to do legitimate studies and to tell me what is best for my patients.”

Now, the utilities board is relying on the group too..not just to say putting fluoride in the water is a good thing. But, NBU wants the ADA to prove fluorosilicic acid won’t cause cancer or osteoporosis.

The board set a December 31st deadline to either get ADA approval or the o.k. from an independent study.

Padgett says until then, the fluoride stays, “It’s been in for twenty some odd years and another 6 to 8 months..and having a thorough study and giving the American Dental Association enough time to put their seal of approval on it..if they are..or do a study..don’t think would be detrimental to the public to leave it in another 6 to 9 more months to get that additional study”.

In January, North Baldwin Utilities asked the American Dental Association for an ADA Seal of Acceptance for the specific type of fluoride put in drinking water.

In response, the ADA’s Director of Product Evaluations, Clifford W. Whall Jr., Ph.D. Said, “ADA has phased out the professional seal program and no longer accepts additives or professional products for the ADA seal”.

But, Padgett says the board will keep trying to get some form of official endorsement from the ADA.

Meanwhile, Doctor Tillery says he and others have a lot of work ahead of them to try to keep the fluoride in the water.