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Fluoride concerns addressed by Ogdensburg manager

Source: NorthCountryNow.com | June 21st, 2017
Location: United States, New York


OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg City Manager Sarah Purdy has addressed several concerns raised by the public in the most recent council update.

On June 12 dozens of Ogdensburg residents questioned city officials about a variety of issues including the large amount of untaxed property, business development and the inclusion of fluoride in water.

… At the meeting residents questioned if the city would the city save money by no longer fluoridating the water.

“Eliminating it would save approximately $10,000 but fluoridation is recommended by the NYS Department of Health and the city supports this recommendation. Fluoridation has been in place for decades here,” she says…

* Original article titled, Untaxed property, business development, flouride concerns addressed by Ogdensburg manager, online at http://northcountrynow.com/news/untaxed-property-business-development-flouride-concerns-addressed-ogdensburg-manager-0201419