Whether Cornwall city council votes to continue fluoridating our water, or discontinue the practice, the costs keep going up.

A report to city councillors that will be discussed Monday suggests that even if fluoridation is stopped, it will still cost as much as $40,000 to rid the water treatment plant of the 15,000 litres of highly-corrosive hydrofluorosilicic acid still in storage at the facility.

If the practice is continued the work must still be done, because a new fluoridation system must be installed. Such a system comes with a $340,000 price tag and an annual cost of $50,000 to maintain.

City councillors are finally expected to decide in the coming weeks on whether to return to water fluoridation. The practice was stopped in 2013 for safety reasons at the water treatment plant.

In the meantime a spirited debate among those for and against water fluoridation has taken place. Dr. Paul Connett of Fluoride Alert will speak Monday at city hall against treating our drinking water.

Medical officer of health Paul Roumeliotis is expected later in April to speak on the benefits of water fluoridation.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid is added to drinking water to create fluoride which advocates suggest promotes dental health. Opponents say the corrosive material is dangerous to workers and is detrimental to health over time.