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Fluoride decision to force resident to leave

Source: ABC News Online | December 7th, 2005
Location: Australia

A fluoride-intolerant man from Wodonga, in north-east Victoria, says he will be forced to move house when the chemical is added to the city’s water.

Last month, it was announced fluoride would soon be put into Wodonga and Wangaratta’s supply.

Andrew Shadbolt says he breaks out in eczema and headaches when he has contact with the chemical.

The teacher says it took him a year-and-a-half of tests to discover his intolerance.

“It pretty much means I have to leave because you can’t filter it out easily, not from mains supply anyway, you can just from drinking, but not from mains, but because I still get affected it’s pretty hard,” he said.

“I could get tank water but you never get enough rain here, it pretty much means I’d have to leave.”