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Fluoride fight is on in Phoenix

Source: AZfamily.com | September 6th, 2012 | By Crystal Cruz
Location: United States, Arizona

The fluoride fight is on in the city of Phoenix.

City leaders are considering axing the chemical from the water supply.

Some like the idea, other’s not so much.

Both sides of the argument came together Wednesday evening at Phoenix College for a debate.

In a packed auditorium Dr.Howard Farran, a dentist with 25 years of experience, faced off with Dr. Paul Connett with the Fluoride Action Network.

Farran claimed fluoride prevents tooth decay.

Connett claimed the chemical can lower brain power and it’s not a nutrient.

The city pumps fluoridated water to more than 1.4 million people.

This has been going on for more than 20 years.

At least a few hundred people showed up for Wednesday’s debate.

“I just wished we would have the choice to make, because maybe some of us drink more water than other people that’s filtered, so maybe some of us are drinking higher levels, there’s no control on it,” said Jason Spender.

Connett agrees and said it’s not ethical to force fluoride on people.

Karolin Bilal is a local dental assistant who was also in attendance.

Bilal is is pro-fluoride and said, “You do have the choice of getting it (fluoride) or not getting it. But if it’s in the water, if you don’t want to give your kid water then don’t, but fluoride is important.”

The city of Phoenix spends nearly $600,000 to treat the water yearly.

Next Tuesday, city leaders will vote on this issue.