FERRIS — The City of Ferris, Texas and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) have determined that the fluoride levels in the public water supply exceed the maximum allowed amount of 4 ml/L.

Based on the average results of routine tests conducted on water samples collected by City contractors from the Ferris Public Water System, TCEQ has calculated the average fluoride level to be 4.1 mg/L.

The rise in fluoride levels is not a result of a failure in the operation of the Ferris water system. Fluoride is not an additive in Ferris’ water supply, but is naturally occurring in water obtained from the City’s water wells.

“Ferris has seen a rise in natural fluoride levels over the last year and is diligently working on a permanent solution to the problem. While the test results are only 0.1 mg/L. over the maximum allowed threshold, Ferris does take these results seriously,” Ferris City Manager Bill Jordan said.

“We were already working toward an alternative water source when these results came in.”

Ferris is currently in talks to have an additional treated-water connection with Rockett Special Utility District. This additional connection would allow Ferris to take up to 750,000 gallons per day. This would provide more water than Ferris currently uses.

Rockett receives their raw water from reservoirs and is not being affected by the fluoride increase. In the meantime, Ferris is working with TCEQ to find a short-term solution. Ferris’ water department has been in direct contact with TCEQ’s Response and Capacity Development Team to request assistance in this matter.

Until the fluoride levels have subsided, an alternate source of water for cooking and drinking should be provided to children less than nine years old. Any questions about the City’s water quality should be directed to the City of Ferris at 972-842-2752.

*Original article online at http://elliscountycitizen.com/2017/01/20/fluoride-find-alternate-water-for-young-children-city-of-ferris-says/