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Fluoride for drinking water put on Montreal’s agenda

Source: Montreal Gazette | February 6th, 2003
Location: Canada, Quebec

Fluoridation of drinking water was not part of infrastructure and financing studies made public yesterday, but the issue is on the city’s agenda, at least for discussion purposes.

Quebec’s Public Health Department has asked to discuss possible fluoridation with the city at a meeting this month.

Most of Montreal, with the exception of several West Island communities, does not get fluoridated water.

Numerous studies have indicated that fluoridating drinking water can reduce the cavity rate by up to 50 per cent at very low cost.

Alan de Sousa, Montreal executive committee member in charge of sustainable development and the environment, said yesterday he will discuss the issue with Quebec public health officials at a meeting later this month.

De Sousa said he has no opinion on the issue, though he recognizes the advantages for low-income families – who can’t afford fluoride coating for children’s teeth – and has heard concern expressed by opponents to adding fluoride for all.